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  • To re-unite in the nest from where we grew and flew off.
  • To build a bridge between college life and career life, so as introduce present students to the professional world and to make them proactive to face the challenges that may emerge in their career path.
  • To provide job opportunities to fresh bachelors through references of professionals.
  • To conduct orientation and training programs to students on various topics to enhance their skills.
  • To create awareness among students about the scope of their subject in the professional world.
  • To provide a platform for students to develop their qualities.
  • To participate in social welfare activities for social accountability.


  • Conducting periodic meetings of the committee to chalk out plan of action.
  • Conducting training sessions on industry practices and professional approach by industry professionals.
  • Conducting personality development trainings, interview answering skills and confidence building programs.
  • Interacting with unemployed ex- students to find probability of employment with reference of professionals.
  • Conducting social welfare activities such as blood donation, health awareness programs,tree plantation, cleanliness drive etc.
  • Re-unions of ex- students.
  • Felicitation of achievers.